how did i get here i am not good with computer

just kidding i’m a sysadmin

Wait – if you managed to get here, good on you. Now, I don’t look at any of the stats on the site. I barely know how to get to them. If this site collects cookies, my bad, please feel free to delete them, because I’m not tracking, I don’t show ads, I don’t… like seriously I don’t care.

I just wanted a site to put my random shit up on, and here we are. Maybe one day this’ll be the main place for light reviews that I do, who knows? At that point in time, maybe I’ll put ads on? Unlikely. I know it costs me money, and ad revenue isn’t gonna change that.

Feel free to check the site on and yell at me if it starts coming up with stuff. Last I checked (2020-09-27) it said it didn’t find anything.

Hopefully the content I make it somewhat useful.